Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Charlie Sheen vs Gaddafi

These two are truly giving a great battle in the old past-time of EGO's.  Surely both men should put the hands up and admit ceasefire, but hell will freeze before they shut their mouths and put down the armalite!!

Auld Charlie is sum pup though, fair play to him I say.  He's properly clued on in the best sense, then completely mad in the best sense also.  Who says a party animal dont know shit.  In fact parties and casual chats are one of the best forms of formulating thought and discussion with humans. 

The state of Gadaffi is clearly of a mad drugged up Drug Baron.  The guy has looked ridiculous in recent clips, clearly sniffing something strong!!

Anyhow, due to society today, these boys to me are battling for air-time and coverage.  Something we have to have to look at in a holistic manner.

This link blow is a great game to guess what quotes from the big guys belong to whom, I scored 9/10


A Jobby Job

Without going into too many details, last february I left a job of 2.5years due to a number of reasons.  I have now been in between jobs and a new career path for over a year now.  I now have my eyes set on a new specific career in a care role that will bring great job satisfaction for myself and those around me.

I mainly worked in the IT sector and crossed over to online business for my last longterm position.

I have had many knocks recently but I am determined to succeed in my chosen field of work in the future.  This has proven to be very hard.  Yesterday, I got rejected after giving probably my best ever interview for a job I was extremely passionate for.  I guess due to having roughly 6 months experince in the industry may be my downfall. 

The letter did say ..but the panel were very impressed with your interview... - so I'm on their waiting list.  Which I suppose aint bad for my first interview since April and in this specific industry.

Back to the drawing board and fortunately there are some similiar positions coming up I can apply for, so onwards and upwards folks

Jesse Ventura 2012

Ok, just been watching some of this in last few nights briefly, currently through part 4.  Not a long episode but it does touch on some stuff that could be of interest.

The Denver Airport is one I will investigate further.  I will try and link up the murals that are displayed in the airport, a bit mental indeed

In terms of Ventura the show is very glossy and produced in an 'American Entertainment' style.  I'm suspct at how close he gets to these projects and who actually is funding them.  The part where their building condos in an old ex-nucleaur missile site is something fishy.

The use of your woman from Channel 4 (GB) June Serrong (?) is a bit dubious as well.  I will hopefully get more into this at a later stage

Blogging Part II

Ok, only a few days into this new experiment of mine.  So far, I'm enjoying the whole process of putting up a collection of my thoughts and recording my stance and belief on certain topics.  This is extra good as I'm more or less detaching myself from my up-to-now online presence.  I only really use a local music/information forum and also facebook and in the past bebo.

In terms of productivity and enlightenment of such, this wont be fulfilled until I really learn how to use this blog and associate myself with others in the right manner.

In a contradiction, I have decided I will publish some small areas of my 'living' life such as struggles for satisfactory employment, importance of family, how I live my life to a satisfactory level etc etc.  It is however my main aim to populate a blog with relevant and important information that will hopefully bring people into discussion and appropriate conclusions.

As of this moment, in the near future I need to really get full-time employment, I'm currently employed on a temp basis which has very recently dried up.  I also need to start planning to get married and deal with other aspects of my life (housework!!) which need to be sharpened up.  Ive got a great support network around me, from my partner, friends, parents, step-son and siblings, this has given me strength over the past year or so, something that drives me on to better myself and also better the future of life.