Monday, 14 March 2011

Sleeping with the fishes

There seems to be a number of cases were scores of animals, fish and birds are dying randomly in massive numbers, from birds dropping to the sky to dead fish floating in the sea.

Could this be polluntants from humans or is this part of natures cycle.  Could the change in climate be affecting how much toxic gases and chemicals are released into the land, air and sea?
What if, this is due to the suns solar flares affecting the structure and dynamics in the earths system.  Would nature produce changes in the atmosphere, look at the worlds history before us, of course it has.
Have chemtrails and the sort played a part in this?
Lets go a wee bit out there and even contemplate that these acts of life becoming extint so dramatically and bizarrely could be from shock.  Have they seen anything out of this world? Maybe the governments secret projects are at fault or even the possibilty that aliens may be involved.

This recent case happened last week which makes me think once again that the sun cycle may be indirectly involved i.e. eartquakes under the sea creating toxic gases etc.
The thing that is a big question in this case, is why do the birds stay away and not attempt to eat them, very interesting

Tkae note of the co-incidence in the expert about solar flares in the blog i put up earlier taking about activity happening close to California, one of probably 5 locations he announced to be hit soon by natural disasters

Anyhow this reminds me of an old quote from an article by Michael Tsardin (~?)

dont know how reliable this source is but heres a quote from a priestess of the danaan clan

'Then she (Badb, Priestess of the Tuatha de Danaan) added a prophecy in which she foretold the approaching end of the Divine Age and the beginning of a new one, in which the summers would be flowerless, the cows milk less and women shameless and men strengthless, in which there will be trees without fruit and seas without fish, when old men would give false judgments and legislators make unjust laws, when warriors would betray one another and men would be thieves and there would be no more virtue in the world.'

UFO on human planet

Just came across this now.  Seems to be a UFO in the sky in one of the shots

I remember seeing this but just assumed it was speeded up footage but have a look at the shape and movement of the object, very strange

Good TV

OK, most TV is complete shite and helps the powers to be have control and sway over your minds.  Advertisign and Marketing, two bullshit concepts and TV are a match made in heaven.

I do enjoy the shite, only because it makes me feel like a real person who has some decency.  Tool Academy, Peter & Katie, Get me out of here you name it I usually watch it.  Saying that my TV intake is down dramitacally

I do however have a few programmes I week I try and defo see.  There seems to be quite a good documentary style films out recently which i have found very interesting

Wonders of the Universe
Brian Cox gives a brilliant insight into the magic that is life and the universe.  touches on some great topics I will hopefully explore in the future.

Civilisation:  Is the West History?
One of the best modern historians and speakers in my eyes.  An extremely smart guy who I suspect of being in the know and being very close to the inner circles of some of the shadow organisations that are in total control.  I will hopefully comment more on this guy soon.  Another great documentary touching on the shift of power between east and west throughout history

Human Planet
From the makers of the breathtaking Planet Earth comes a great new series narrated perfectly by John Hurt.
This is a source of valuable information.  It shows how all forms of survival is possible in the most dangerous and volatile places on the planet.  The making of igloos was one I would like to learn more about, serious possibility of an Ice-Age in our childrens lifetime if not ours

Story of Ireland
Another good BBC documentary.  Was a bit dissapointed that they initially didnt study further back but in all this has been a very imformative programme and still gives me the feeling that the English helped fuck up ths once great nation

ET Phone Home (...but it will cost you!!!)

Seems to be quite alot of activity recently about potential aliens being near our presence.  A few weeks ago the UN appointed an ambassador for aliens, so when they ask 'take me to your leader' this was you.  I'll get more info on this hopefully, was a woman with a german/jewish type second name if that makes sense

Well it seems that now as well as governments and shadow agencies preparing for the potential of aliens emerging, the next sector you would obviously think to be made aware is the business sector.   Remember as some arseholes say 'Money makes the world go world', well maybe well find out if the same theory applies to the universe you silly little people.

Dont know if the source is correct but i'll fire it up anyhow.  I'm guessing my suspicions are mainly down to the poor layout and colour scheme of the site.  I will explore this topic later, as its a part of our psyche that we need to understand, where do we actually get our tastes and preferences from.


The panel was held on January 23, and was a “main plenary” session meaning all GCF participants were able to attend and hear what the experts had to say about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Up to 1000 participants included business and political elites such as former British and Canadian Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Jean Chretien; Jim Albaugh, President and CEO of Boeing; Andy Bird, chairman of Walt Disney International; Jared Cohen, Director of Google ideas, and many others. The advice they got was that the issue of extraterrestrial life is real, and they better start paying attention to the business implications. Here’s how the GCF summarized the panel presentations on its website:

News Coverage

Just a wee quick note on the coverage between BBC and Sky News.  For all its ugly spots and warts Ive got to say Ive preferred Skys coverage of recent events in comparison to BBC.  Maybe there is a reason why BBC seem to be very slow in picking up storys, maybe their waiting for clarification from Japanese authorities before it goes, maybe im just constantly paranoid, who knows.

Anyway one thing about the Sky News which I suppose is an insight into the psyche of our society.  They totally dramtise events through pictures then display something like

Japan Disaster

On phone, internet and TV


I'll try and find the link, i understand it in a way yet i find it a bit immoral, as if their advertising themselves on the back of disaster

cant find the link but youll notice it when you see it, big dark music etc.  Heres an example of their stupidness

Japan - The rising sun!!!

Just came across a fantastic bit of evidence/research in regard to the natural disasters currently unfolding.  its a prediction of volcanoes/earthquakes from the 17th Feb that predicted the Japan and NZ earthquakes.  Scary biscuits,he links this all to the solar flares etc from the suns recent activity.

He predicts a earthquake near california and also mentions La Palma.  Lets hope he got these last two wrong. If any shit happens in the La Palma volcano, the biggest tsunami known to man will be created, wiping out most of Americas west coast, we will be in trouble too.  I will attempt to find some more info on la palma and try and prepare myself and my network of friends and family to be prepared for this.  The seas will be crazy if La Palm volcanoe activates and partially falls into the sea as scientifically predicted.  Head away from the coast is my best advice currently.

This impeding problem in Japan and its nucleur rection will have a big affect on the oil demand amogst many others.

"No, it will increase demand because with the nuclear power plants being closed down or damaged or under duress, Japan will have to import more oil, everybody in the world will now look at their nuclear power plants again and probably have more demand for oil and natural gas. Japan is now going to rebuild, that is going to cause big increases in demand for copper and other things. Japan wasn't building very much in the past 10-15 years, now there is going to be a big jump in the demand for building materials in Japan." - in Economic Times